6mm Paper Buildings for WW2 Tabletops

When I started my Panzerwar France 1940 tabletop adventure a few years ago, I searched the internet for usable houses in 6mm scale. Since I wanted to have removable roofs to place infantry in, I ended up with a few freely available paper craft sheets. Unfortunately, these houses were all more of a Dutch architectural style and didn’t look French enough to me.

Therefore, I started to make my own paper crafts, which I would like to share with you now. The textures I picked up with Google Street View from northern French villages and from freely available texture libraries. The buildings were created in 3DS Max, the craft sheet was made with the help of the wonderful Pepakura Designer. I can only recommend it for such purposes. All buildings are created to fit at hexagonal city tiles similar to the GHQ terrain system.

You are free to use, modify or copy my artwork for non-commercial purposes. Head over to the download section to get the buildings.

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